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U.S. Fleet Cyber Command


 Welcome to FCC/C10F


Since its establishment on Jan. 29, 2010, U.S. Fleet Cyber Command (FCC)/U.S. TENTH Fleet (C10F) has grown into an operational force composed of more than 15,000 Active and Reserve Sailors and civilians organized into 29 active commands, 40 Cyber Mission Force units, and 29 reserve commands around the globe.

U.S. Fleet Cyber Command reports directly to the Chief of Naval Operations as an Echelon II command and is responsible for Navy Networks, Cryptology, Signals Intelligence, Information Operations, Electronic Warfare, Cyber, and Space.  As such, U.S. Fleet Cyber Command serves as the Navy component command to U.S. Cyber Command, the Navy space component to U.S. Strategic Command, and the Navy’s Service Cryptologic Component Commander under the National Security Agency/Central Security Service.

U.S. TENTH Fleet is the operational arm of Fleet Cyber Command and executes its mission through a task force structure similar to other warfare commanders. In this role, TENTH Fleet provides operational direction through the command’s Maritime Operations Center located at Fort George Meade, Maryland.

Our mission areas include: 

1) Operate the Network as a Warfighting Platform.

2) Conduct Tailored Signals Intelligence.

3) Deliver Warfighting Effects through Cyberspace.  

U.S. Fleet Cyber Command is an Echelon II Command
reporting to the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)
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U.S. Fleet Cyber Command / U.S. Tenth Fleet
Office of the Commander
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